File Transfers

This page provides helpful information about submitting your file to us.

Before you have the files sent to us, you should always check the job. We suggest you follow the recommendations and capabilities on this page to ensure the timely processing of your job. Please do not send us the only copy of your file(s).

Submitting a File

  • Hard copy supplied if possible. Composite with crop marks and bleeds.
  • Contact information supplied.
  • Folding/Finishing dummy or instructions.
  • File(s) for output are identified.
  • Original files can be copied without disk errors.
  • All imported non-embedded graphics are supplied.
  • Screen and printer fonts are supplied for both layout images (including embedded images).
  • Files and folders are named appropriately.

Formatting Your Job

  • Appropriate resolution is used
    • 300 DPI for photos
    • 600 DPI for line art
  • Color correction is completed
  • Conversion of images from RGB to CMYK (except Microsoft documents)
  • Remove unused colors from the color palette
  • CMYK work only – spot colors are set to process
Page Layout
  • Print data, bleeds, crop marks, and size is correct.
  • Unused elements, layers, and colors have been deleted.
File Formats
  • Whichever format you choose to supply, please send the printing company a native file to allow for corrections.
  • Postscript files are made using a high resolution color printer setting.


Transferring Files to THP

You can transfer files to us in several ways, either by disk FTP site, your FTP Site, or via e-email.

Items to Include in Disk/File Transfer
  • File(s) for output
  • All imported non-embedded graphics
  • Screen and printer fonts are supplied for both layout and images
Transfer Media Format
  • CD/DVD
Electronic Transfer

If you are sending files to us electronically, regardless of the file size, always compress files using Stuff-It or other extracting software. Due to security reasons, if your file is a ZIP file, please contact THP before you send the file.


Regardless of the Transfer Method, Send Us:
  • A printout of the disk directory indicating the name of the file to be printed, if there is more than one file.
  • A black and white or color composite proof at 100% with crop marks and bleeds.
  • Folding/Finishing dummy and instructions.